Midwest Olympus Leather February 2019 Wraps Up

As I sit here finalizing the paperwork from this last weekend in Columbus, Ohio to close out the February 2019 books for Midwest Olympus Leather Weekend I am struggling to collect the words to write an appropriate wrap up article. The former contest producer used to tell me “I see the city I want to build, you see the roads, sewers and infrastructure needed to bring it to life.” I think this year I can say the town exists and the city is expanding. Though no project is without its struggles. 


As you may have already heard, we in fact did not have anyone competing for any of our three Olympus Leather titles. This was not the year for those in my region to step onto the path of Olympus Leather title holding and that’s okay. I feel it means that someone in another region is meant to shine this year. Perhaps their voice will inspire someone on the fence this year to take the plunge for a future MWOL contest. Regardless we still gathered because the show must go on! 

To my educational presenters: Scott & lyon, MsBrenda & arcane, MsDemanda, Pony Triple & Pony Pony and Perrin - THANKS is never enough. Holding space and sharing of yourselves is so vital to the growth of those around you and I am in awe each year at the responses I get from the attendees of what nuggets they took away. 

With some creative scripting a full show was slated to entertain and celebrate all that we call Olympus Leather and its mission. I want to thank the BigGirlBurlesque troup for again being part of our event - you gals do it right and always bring the sexy to the stage! I also want to thank our emcee, Perrin Shore for rolling with the punches and being my sounding board this year - I need to get you a bigger gift basket. And my judges, including Dylan Dwiyn who had just stepped aside, and Brian “bolt” Donner whom recieved the Bear Abbott Community Commitment award, still had work to do, as we had some fun rounds of pop questions for a few from the crowd to battle it out for points and prizes. In addition, we included the presentation of Leathers to our event this year at the request of International Olympus Leather Producer, Vonn Tramel. And last but certainly not least, we added a moment of silence while the 28 flags of The Visibility Project slid across the stage to form the backdrop of our whole stage show. 

The theme of ‘No place like home’ was pounded into the ground when the lights suddenly went out just at the beginning of an intermission. The bar scrambled to find a solution to close tabs, while still serving for cash customers and keeping us all safe and informed. To The Highball Tavern, I can’t thank you enough for the support you give our event and the team you bring to the table! I also need to thank everyone who hung out in the dark and held space with us. Standing on the stage, in the slightly lit bar under the glow of cell phones and flashlights, surrounded by leather and the drift of smoke lingering in from the patio…..I could almost be transported to any of the old bars who’s signs now hang at The Leather Archives & Museum as a reminder that they are our history. I want to thank those whom came out for their energy, their patience, and their support. With just a few hollers to get attention, we were able to sell some more baskets, wrap up the show and tear down the stage safely. 

For those that missed it, our Keynote breakfast was amazing! Councelor Ochamari’ spoke about trauma informed care and how we should listen to those who speak to us without trying to make it abou tus and our ‘similar’ type trauma. 

Those candid moments of love, smiles and connection I see as I sort thru the pictures from this event fuel me to keep going and striving to be a place of “HOME” for everyone in my region.

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Midwest Olympus Leather Producer