2018 GPOL Head Judge: Dan Perry




MAY 29, 2018

dan perryDan Perry named Head Judge for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest. The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 9, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

I am a native Texan and glad to call Dallas my home. I am glad to be one of the men of Discipline Corps in Dallas and an ex-officer. I am also a member of Delta International and served as secretary. I was the founding chairman of North Texas Council of Clubs and am chairman emeritus of their annual event Fall Frolick. Other clubs I am a member of are NLA-Dallas, TGRA Dallas Chapter, United Court of the Lone Star Empire and I am an associate member of the Misfits Houston along with Lone Star Highwaymen, Leather Knights, SLUTS, T Bears and Firedancers of Dallas and several other clubs around the country.

I am also a proud member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Dear God Agnes, Mama’s Matriarch and Mama’s Corest Bitch. In 2007 I was selected as Flesh and Fantasy Man of the year. In 2011 I was selected as South Central Person of the year for Pantheon of Leather.

I was the owner and producer of Mr. Texas Leather and Ms Texas Leather. I was also the producer for Gulf Coast LeatherSir boy and community bootblack. I have judged many local and regional contest.

I have taught demos at many events both public and private around the country. I have been active in the Leather Community for 35+ years. I am well versed in many areas of BDSM play but bondage, mummification, wax and percussion are my favorites.

I have many friends in the Leather Community in Dallas and across the country. I am thankful for those friends and mentors. They have been the ones that have taught me along the way and have shown me my place in the community. I enjoy teaching and helping others in their quest for information. I believe we have a duty to give back to community and others what has been given to us. Pay it forward.