2018 GPOL Judge: Master Gator




MAY 29, 2018


master gatorMaster Gator named one of 5 judges for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest.  The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 9, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

The story of Master Gator started a long time ago in a state far away… being raised between a military father and an “equality for all” mother, his understanding of free chose and the need for rules of a society modeled how he saw the world. When it came to adult orientated material, he found that the once with dominate / submissive flavor to them were the once that he found touched him the deepest.

As he grew into adulthood he looked for those partners who would fit with his desires. During this time it was looked down on very harshly to be seen as wanting to dominate another human, but the heart wants what the heart wants. He was not alone; there were others who shared his desires. They did not always work out, but with each new partner they both learned and grew. Then, in September of 1999 his future wife drug him (kicking and screaming) to an NLA meeting. There he found whole groups of people who shared some of his interested and many more interests he had never thought of. There he found the support, guidance, & examples, he was looking for to understand and accept who he is.

During Gators time in the leather community he has been honored with his leather Master’s cover, presented by several of the covered Masters of the Dallas area in November 2010 for his steadfast support of the leather and kinky communities.

Master Gator has reached that part in his life and his growths, where he can give back to the community that has done so much for him.