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End of the Olympus Leather Contest?

From the desk of Vonn Tramel, Owner Olympus Leather

In May of 2019 Olympus Leather Hosted some fantastic folks in Chicago for Olympus Leather Weekend 2019.  Among them was Laura Antoniou who was kind enough to take my money and give a keynote address of her choosing "whether I liked what she had to say or not".  Little did she know, that I had been pondering some of the things she had to say. 

Why weren't events focusing on artists and authors?  Why were events SOOOOO focused on "just contests"? After all, titleholders "should" be doing SOMETHING...What were they actually doing?  I'd been having trouble answering that very question for the 6 years I'd been involved with Olympus Leather beyond traveling, teaching (teaching what?), and raising money (for what and did I KNOW the charities were getting their money? and that raised more questions than I had time to ponder).

WELP....2020 gave me A LOT of time to think about whether or not a pageant was the way to continue.  December 31, 2020, I made the decision and put out the word to Regional and Local Olympus Leather Producers that we were killing the pageant system as we knew it.  I have ideas.  Ideas for the way we pick future titleholders, the way we present our events, the way we utilize this family to promote our chosen charities, and the way we choose our charities.  The whole thing needed a good scrub and re-work.

In February 2021 a group of individuals comprised of Olympus Leather Former Titleholders, close family members, and Producers sat in on the first committee meeting to hear what I had to say.  Some liked it, some are still (as of May) not certain about the changes...I am CERTAIN that we'll come out the other side of this thing better for it.

I'm not ready to spill all the beans just yet, but we have chosen the date for the next event and I hope you'll join us for OLW 2021 Online.  This won't be just another Zoom Conference.  We'll have curated virtual museum displays and vendors marts where you can autonomously stroll through at your leisure, the Leather Quilt will be on virtual display as well.  Performances on the main stage by our community for our community, a special table reading of Laura Antoniou's Killer short "A SPICE Oddity".  NO Contest (this year) NO Classes, NO Auction. Chat roulette...and so much more is being planned!  And it's all FREE.  Registration will be opening soon.

Olympus Leather Weekend, FREE VIRTUAL JULY 24, 2021 Info updated weekly at OlympusLeather.com
Midwest Olympus Leather, Ohio - Next event TBD check midwestolympus.com for updates
Central Canada Olympus Leather, Ottawa, ON Canada - Next event TBD check centralcanadaolympus.com for updates
Great Plains Olympus Leather, Dallas, TX - Next event TBD check greatplainsolympus.com for updates.
Olympus Leather producers have agreed that all events should if not already postponed be monitored closely through September 2021.  
Updates about all Olympus Leather events will be at the top of each of their website homepages.

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    2018 International Olympus Leather Contest Judges

    Judges for International Olympus Leather Weekend are Dave Rhodes Founder and Executive Producer Emeritus, Head Judge Dr. Larry Burden, 2018 International Mx Olympus Leather Matt O’Toole,  2018 International Ms Olympus Leather Pixie Mary, Women in Leather Legacy 2018 Renee Beckman, 2017 Leatherman of Color Kai Anderson, 2017 International Rubber Preston So (who will also be giving the Keynote Address on Sunday), President of Onyx Pearls SE Queen Raini, and the Alternate Judge is 2015-16 International Mr Olympus Leather Fred Anderson.  #OLW2018 is May 4-6 at the Crowne Plaza Mission Valley in San Diego, CA. Block rates start at $140 Double Occupancy and come with breakfast, fridge and microwave.


                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    August 12, 2017        International Olympus Leather Owner and Executive Producer

    9AM PDT            Vonn Tramel - .


    John Schmitt, Mr Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2009, Owner and Producer of Midwest Olympus Leather will be on sabbatical from the Midwest Olympus Leather Region’s production team effective August 12, 2017. International Olympus Leather’s Owners fully support John taking time away from the organization for the duration of the 2017-18 season.

    The Midwest Olympus Leather Region’s 2018 Contest will be Directed and Produced by Shan-Wow of Ohio with the support of the existing board.  Shan-Wow has served Midwest Olympus Leather (formerly Great Lakes Olympus Leather) in various forms including Director and Co-Producer, since 2013.  The Midwest Olympus Leather 2018 contest weekend will be held in Columbus Ohio, the weekend of February 9-11. Three hotels have been secured for housing guests and all of the event info can be found at MidwestOlympus.com.

    Shan-Wow has been active in the kink and Leather communities since 2009. She served three years as a board member of her previous home group, Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles (LAL) hosting bi monthly educational demos in her home, and four years on the board for Kinky Indiana Slaves & Submissives (KISS) in the greater Indianapolis area. From 2013-17 she was the Event Director for the Indiana Leather Contests and Great Lakes Power Exchange contests. All of this community service has earned her a place in Mama’s Family with the unofficial disco name of Mama's Fluffy Pillows. She is also a filthy bootblack whose focus is on restoration, likes brown liquor and a good cigar. She recently relocated back to Northeast Ohio with her husband/Dominant partner where they live a consensually non-monogamous/executive power exchange dynamic working to make new friends and connections in the local community. 

    The remaining board member is  Mactep. A creative deviant, sadist, teacher and Leatherman living in West Lafayette, IN; Mactep, has been in the lifestyle for the last twenty years and has a passion for teaching others. He is active in the Great Lakes Region of the country, where he was proud to serve as Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2015 and 2016. Mac currently serves as the Midwest Olympus Leather Contestant Liaison and is also the director/founding member of MAsT: Tippecanoe. Mac is a former executive board member with the National Leather Association Indianapolis chapter, and former board member with Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles in Lafayette, Indiana.

    New Producer Central Canada Olympus Leather

    Ottawa, September 19, 2016

    New Central Canada Olympus Leather Producer

    Jean Taillefer has taken over as Producer for Central Canada Olympus Leather.  Many thanks to Alex Wisniowski, Past Producer, for his many years of dedication.

    Jean was previously Mr. Central Canada Olympus Leather 2012 and 2013.

    Southeast Olympus Leather Region Retired & Re-organized

    May 21, 2016

    For Immediate Release:

    Effective Immediately: The Southeast Olympus Leather Region will no longer be affiliated with International Olympus Leather.  Producer Insatiable Amazon has decided that "Southeast Olympus Leather will no longer support or be affiliated with International Olympus Leather."  The Producer's retirement comes after failing to come to an agreement with regards to the new owner's Sponsorship Agreement.  All other regions have signed the new agreement and have scheduled their contests and met with or are in the process of meeting all the requirements outlined.

    Due to the vacancy created by the long-time producer Vonn Tramel, owner of International Olympus Leather, has decided to reorganize the region into two separate regions.  Florida Olympus Leather, and Southern States Olympus Leather will be created and are seeking producers effective immediately.

    Regional Olympus Leather Contest Schedules are:

    May 21, 2016 - The final Southeast Olympus Leather Contest

    July 8-9, 2016 - Great Plains Olympus Leather at the Dallas Eagle, Dallas, TX

    July 29-31, 2016 - Central Canada Olympus Leather, Ottowa, Canada

    Aug 28, 2016 - West Coast Olympus Leather, San Diego, CA

    Dec 3-4, 2016 - Midwest Olympus Leather, Indianapolis, IN


    Winners of each contest are eligible to compete at International Olympus Leather Weekend in San Diego, CA. The contest weekend will be held May 5-7, 2017 at the Doubletree by Hilton on Front Street in Downtown San Diego, CA.

    Hotel and Event Registration for the weekend opened May 15. Early bird pricing is only available through Regional Producers.



    Media Contact

    Vonn Tramel - Owner, International Olympus Leather


    2016 Regional Contest Dates

    Regional Olympus Leather Contest Schedules are:

    May 21, 2016 - The final Southeast Olympus Leather Contest

    July 8-9, 2016 - Great Plains Olympus Leather at the Dallas Eagle, Dallas, TX

    July 29-31, 2016 - Central Canada Olympus Leather, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Aug 28, 2016 - West Coast Olympus Leather, San Diego, CA

    Dec 3-4, 2016 - Midwest Olympus Leather, Indianapolis, IN

    Winners of each contest are eligible to compete at International Olympus Leather Weekend in San Diego, CA. The contest weekend will be held May 5-7, 2017 at the Doubletree by Hilton on Front Street in Downtown San Diego, CA.

    Hotel and Event Registration for the weekend opened May 15. Early bird pricing is only available through Regional Producers.

    International Olympus Leather sold to Executive Producer Vonn Tramel

    February 29, 2016
    For Immediate Release

    Over the last 4 years International Olympus Leather has seen many changes. Some have been more dramatic than others, however, none quite this drastic. Which is why Dave Rhodes feels that this is the time to pass his torch on. He would like to formally announce that he has sold International Olympus Leather to Executive Producer Vonn Tramel. He is not leaving the organization, however is retiring from all production at this time and that his permanent title with International Olympus Leather will now and forever be Founder and Executive Producer Emeritus of International Olympus Leather.

    Vonn has been active with the Olympus Leather Family since May of 2008 where she handled the solo female contestant and winner of the Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather Title Mina Fatale. Vonn then handled Fatale as she went in July to become 1st Runner-up at the 2008 International Olympus Leather Contest in Chicago, IL. Tramel ran as an independent contestant during the 2010 International Olympus Leather Contest in Los Angeles. She has never looked back and has been heavily involved in many ways since. Her official duties within the Olympus Leather Organization have included Regional Co-Producer, International Olympus Leather Contest Manager, and Contest Director. Most recently in October 2015 she was named a Co-Producer of International Olympus Leather with Dave Rhodes and Mistress Cyan.

    Mistress Cyan has stepped down after 7 years

    February 6, 2016
    For Immediate Release

    Dave Rhodes Executive Producer, International Olympus Leather Contest announced in a conference call to Production Staff, Regional Producers and International Titleholders that Mistress Cyan has stepped down after 7 years as Co-Producer of International Olympus Leather.

    In a letter dated January 29, 2016 to Dave, Mistress Cyan stated the following:

    “The past six months has given Me a lot of time to think about a lot of things. One of the things I thought a lot about was Olympus, and after thinking long and hard, I have made the decision to resign as the Co-Producer. This is a decision that I did not take lightly and have went back and forth with Myself since late October. I have not taken it lightly. On the contrary, it has been something I have taken very seriously. It was not an easy decision to make, but taking everything into consideration, I feel that it is the best decision for Me at this time.  I believe Vonn will be able to step up and fill the void I may be leaving. I believe you and her have a good working relationship and are on the same page when it comes to what you want to accomplish with the contest. …”

    Dave wishes the best in health and business to Mistress Cyan and thanks her for her contributions to, personal and professional guidance, involvement with and support of the Olympus Leather system for the past 9 years.

    Media Inquiries Contact:
    Dave Rhodes & Vonn Tramel

    Updated Logo: West Coast Olympus Leather 2014


    Designed by Russ Mortenson Boyd and Vonn Tramel Final Graphic by Vonn Tramel

    Ottawa Leather Fest 2011 - Fetishini: All You Can Beat


    Ottawa Leather Fest 2011 - Fetishini: All You Can Beat

    Ottawa, Canada, March 3, 2011 -- The Ottawa Leather Fest weekend will take place in Ottawa, Canada, on August 26-28, 2011. The theme will be "Fetishini: All You Can Beat".

    The weekend's activities will include a meet and greet, a vendor mart featuring Master Gordon and others, a Kinky Kabaret, two play parties, seminars and the Central Canada Olympus Leather contest.

    The head judge for the contest will once again be Dave Rhodes, editor of The Leather Journal. The other judges will be Utah Rox, International Olympus Leather 2010; Mistress Cyan, producer of DomCon Los Angeles and Atlanta; Sir Kira, Ms. Central Canada Olympus Leather 2010; and Zelda Marshall, well-known performer and trans activist.

    Seminar presenters will include CC Ma'am of Atlanta, moderator of the "Communication, Service and Protocol" discussion group on FetLife and the BDSM Resource Center (BRC), as well as Utah Rox and Insatiable Amazon (Southeast Olympus Leather 2007). Mistress Cyan and Foxy and Sherifox will return again to present by popular demand. Lord Omy will provide some kinky diversions during the play parties.

    The Kinky Kabaret will include a cast from across North America. Sunday will be Pride Day.

    The weekend package will cost $70 (US or Canadian). Separate Friday-Saturday passes will also be available, as well as seminar and contest tickets. The event will be held at Breathless, Ottawa's premier dungeon space.

    This year's poster was designed by Tango, Ms. Central Canada Olympus Leather 2009.


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